Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Fire Pit

    We still don't have internet access. It turns out this process of getting internet may be even more complicated than we thought. Apparently to receive internet services from the main/best internet company in the country, you have to have a Cedula number. A Cedula number is basically the equivalent of a Social Security Number. Anyone not born in Ecuador uses their Passport number to stand in place of a Cedula number. The problem is, the amount of numbers in a passport ID and the amount of numbers in a Cedula aren't the same. So computers won't allow a passport number in place of a Cedula number. Therefore... we are going to have to look into private internet providers... so the process continues. Would you join us in prayer about this? We'd really like to e-mail, skype, FaceTime, update our website, blog, and connect with people on facebook... among other things... from our home.

    But not having as much technology at home does have up-sides. For instance, it gave me the time to hunt for big rocks and make a fire pit in our side yard. It gave us time to collect wood from El Refugio, and then start a fire in our fire pit. We had time to simply sit around the fire, pet the dogs that live with us, play with Kaia, and enjoy watching her take in the first fire we've had at our home here in Ecuador.

   So, this is a much shorter blog entry... but maybe that means more of you will read it all the way to the end! And, pictures are always more fun, anyway, right?

   Lulu, the oldest of the dogs on our property, gave birth to a little black puppy a little over a month ago. He's a rolly-polly little guy, like the mouse 'Gus' from Cinderella... so yesterday we gave him a name: Gus.

Lulu, the mother of our new little guy, Gus