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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Measuring Time in Terms of Haircuts

I gave myself a haircut the other day. I've been cutting my own hair since my senior year of high school. I spent the summer before my senior year living on Long Island (where I grew up) with my cousin Jenny and her husband Brandon. Brandon cut my hair that summer and taught me how to do it myself. He had been cutting his own for years. I've cut my own ever since then.

I digress.

We have been in a  state of flux since August, and time has had a different feel to it ever since then. We've spent good chunks of time in 9 different states, stayed with dozens of different people, and the only constant has been that there is no normal.

But I recently realized that the most measurable passage of time has been when it's time to cut my hair. I cut my hair once a month-- it starts looking like it needs it at about the end of the first week of the month (typically). I started thinking about all of the different places I've given myself haircuts over the last few months. And I thought you might enjoy it as well.

August haircut: Our apartment in Brooktondale, NY-- a few days before heading to Ecuador

September haircut: T.J. and Kelly Ross's bathroom: Brooktondale, NY

October haircut: Hotel room in Iowa City, Iowa (2 days before Josh and Sarah Pederson's wedding)

November haircut: Piper DeLaPointe's apartment: Fargo, ND

December haircut: Bob Grabko's house: Stillwater, MN

January haircut: Apartment #272 at the International Teams Ministry Center in Elgin, Illinois

I expect the next 2 haircuts to be in this apartment, too. It's nice to know I'll have some consistency! The crazy thing was that every time I'd say aloud, "I'm getting a little shaggy-- guess it's about time for a haircut." Suzy would think that I'd just given myself a haircut a week or two ago. Yet every time, a whole month had flown by.

The really wild thing is: the next time I give myself a haircut, there's a good chance we'll have a daughter.

For those Lost fans out there: My constant is haircuts.


 Here's my most recent before and after haircut pictures:

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