Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Interview with Kaia

A few weeks ago we caught wind that a certain little lady might be interested in letting us interview her for our blog. We were pretty excited about having such a popular guest grace us with her presence, so we immediately began trying to nail down a date to talk with her before we planned to leave for our big cross country road trip. However, our efforts proved to be difficult. We attempted to contact her several times, but we were told she was not available to discuss dates because she was doing this....

When we finally got ahold of her during her awake hours she seemed hesitant, but agreed on doing the  interview.

In fact, we were told by her peers that she danced an irish jig in preparation because she was so excited!

She got all dolled up for the interview, but when the day of the interview came she had a little bit of a breakdown.

She was not in the right mood to have company.

When we tried to ask her a question, she wouldn't even look at us!

We then sat her down and had a good conversation. She was very attentive...

...and apologized for her antics. We took a good hard look at what may have caused her outburst; she was very humble during the process.

Kaia: "I was nervous because I wasn't sure what you were going to ask me!"
Us: "Well, we wanted to interview you about the upcoming road trip that you are going to be going on with us."

Kaia: "Well, I just don't know if I can do it....I am a little nervous!"
Us: "Don't be, we will be there with you." 

Kaia: "Are you sure?"
Us: "YES!"

So, she took a few days to ponder over whether she felt up to it.

She even took a day or two to sleep on it.

In the end she agreed to do the interview! So, again, she got all dolled up. She took a bath...

tried on a few outfits...

took some deep breaths...

did some exercises...

ate her arm (?)...

and practiced posing for the camera...

By the time she was ready to do the interview she was relaxed, but serious. She wanted to be sure to do a good job for all of you. Unfortunately, by then it was already time for us to hit the road and we didn't have a chance to do the interview before we left. However, her confidence while on the road has continued to grow and she is still excited about answering a few questions! 

We've included the raw footage here:

Because we realize that not all of you may be able to understand Kaia's baby talk, we've broken down the interview below. We hope you enjoy!

Suzy: "Kaia are you ready for the interview?" 

Kaia: "Ahhh.....yes."

Suzy: "Kaia, can you share with us a little bit about how it's been to be on the road?"

Kaia: "It's fun! I like to meet new people."

Kaia: "But I also feel tired, too."

Kaia: "I don't always like to be out and about...especially when I'm hungry."

Kaia: "But overall, it's been pretty good."

Suzy: "Before we left for your first 15 hours road trip you hadn't really spent that much time in your car seat. How has it been spending so much time in there?"
She took a minute to think about that....

Kaia: "Well, I think it's a little like this..."

Kaia: "Sometimes I am happy and like it, but other times I can get a little annoyed by being in the car for so long."

Kaia: "I like it best when Jeffrey, my puppy, joins me. He makes the car rides super fun!"

Kaia: "He also likes to take naps with me."

Suzy: "Well, that's good to hear. We are glad that you have someone to join you during the rides in the car. Tell us though, Kaia, how has it been to meet all these new people? Do you feel overwhelmed by it sometimes?"
Kaia: "Well, I do like meeting new people. It's fun to be held by them... talk with them..."

"...and also to point out new things to one another."

Suzy: "So, with meeting all these new people, how do you keep yourself centered?"
Kaia: "I like to practice baby yoga."

Suzy: "Well, I think we only have time for one more question."
Kaia: "What? It's already almost over?"

Suzy: "Yep! You've done a great job, but we will need to start wrapping this up."
Kaia: "Ok, well this sure has been fun. What's your last question?"

Suzy: "Well, we were wondering...what has been your favorite part about visiting all these new people and places?"
Kaia: "I get to dress up in fun outfits..."

"and after we spend time meeting with people I get to lounge around and relax!"

Suzy: "It will be some time before you get to see some of the people you have met again. Do you think you'll miss all of the people you have met?"
Kaia: "YES."

Suzy: "What would you say your coping mechanism is when you start to think about how much you'll miss them?"
 Kaia: "I do this."

Well, thanks again Kaia for taking the time to share your thoughts with us and all of our friends who are reading this blog. Maybe we'll do this again sometime! Do you have any closing comments or last thoughts you'd like to share?

Kaia: "Can I tell everyone about my mobile?"
Suzy: "Yes you can. I'm sure everyone will enjoy hearing about it!"


  1. Very clever of Kaia...and at such a young age! Blessings on your road trip...and Happy Easter!

  2. I think I heard her mention missing Bethel Grove Bible Church the mostest!! God bless you all on the journey for Christ.
    Love you!!

  3. We love that you guys actually did this! We hope your trip goes smoothly- and give that niece of ours a big kiss!
    -Kristian and Mary


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