Friday, December 14, 2012

Graduation and leaving Costa Rica

         It's with mixed feelings that I write this blog. This was our last week in Costa Rica and this morning we had a graduation ceremony at the institute. We've been as busy as always, so I feel as though I've been cruising along the highway at 70mph and suddenly we've slammed on the breaks. Our apartment is basically empty now, all of our bags are packed and piled high... and we drive to the airport tomorrow at 7:30am.

And then the next stage of the adventure begins.

     We'll be staying in Quito with our team director, Paul, and his family when we arrive tomorrow. Goal #1 is to buy a car. Once we have a car secured, we head out to El Refugio and will house-sit for the family that lives in the house on the grounds while they spend Christmas in the States-- until about Jan. 15th. Our hope is that we will have a living space (preferably a house) secured by this time.

Family picture at Graduation in front of the Ecuadorian flag

      It was hard saying goodbye to friends we've made-- both missionary friends and Costa Rican friends. We may end up seeing some of the students/missionaries again. Most if not all are serving in Latin America, and we'll no doubt be in other countries for conferences or things like that at some point. But our tico friends... they'll just be here. It's harder saying those goodbyes, knowing that the only way we'll ever see them again is if we come back to San José, Costa Rica.

     Please pray for us as we transition into a new culture, as we look for a place to live, and as we spend  Christmas away from our families.

 ... on to Ecuador!


Our last time leading worship in Costa Rica: at Graduation, all in spanish


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